1625 Series
16SYK2506V/D 16SYK253.6V/A
16SYK2518V/A 16SYK2512V/B
16SYK2512V/A 16SYK2504V/A
16SYK2506V/C 16SYK2509V/A
16SYK2506V/B 16SYK2506V/A
1630 Series
16SYK307.2V/A 16SYK303.6V/B
16SYK3012V/E 16SYK302.2V/A
16SYK3021V/A 16SYK3012V/D
1643 Series
16SYK4321V/C 16SYK4309V/B
16SYK4306V/G 16SYK4306V/F
16SYK4324V/A 16SYK4321V/B
2030 Series
20SYK307.2V/B 20SYK305.4V/A
20SYK3006V/I 20SYK302.2V/B
20SYK3009V/C 20SYK303.6V/C
20SYK3006V/H 20SYK3015V/A
2043 Series
20SYK4309V/D 20SYK4312V/F
2230 Series
22SYK307.2V/C 22SYK3010.5V/A
22SYK3015V/B 22SYK3009V/G
22SYK3009V/F 22SYK3006V/J
22SYK3004V/A 22SYK3024V/C
22SYK3004V/B 22SYK3024V/B
2243 Series
22SYK4348V/Z 22SYK4324V/C
22SYK4303V/A 22SYK4306V/K
22SYK43012V/H 22SYK4312V/G
2844 Series
28SYK4412V/I 28SYK4406V/L
28SYK4436V/A 28SYK4424V/D
28SYK4418V/B 28SYK4409V/H
3672 Series
36SYK7236V/B 36SYK7224V/E
 Coreless DC Motor
Coreless DC motors are DC, PM, servo and subminiature motors. Ironless-rotor motors are energy efficient, easily controlled, and are operated with high dependability. As a high efficiency energy exchange element, ironless-rotor motor starts a new era for rotor motors.
 The principle and structural characteristic
Coreless DC motors has broken through the structural form of rotor of the traditional electrical machinery on the structure, the ones that were adopted had no rotor of core and called the hollow cup type rotor too. Such novel rotor structure has dispelled the electric energy caused because the core forms the vortex to loss completely, weight its rotate inertia reduce by a wide margin , reduce rotor one's own mechanical energy loss at the same time. Make the operation characteristic of the motor get great improvement because of changing in structure of the rotor , not only have outstanding energy-conserving characteristics, the more important thing is that has possessed the control that the motor of the core can't reach and pulled the characteristic.
From hi-tech areas to major industries and public applications, ironless-rotor motor.hasgained its usage at accelerating pace. In the industrialized countries, ironless-rotor motor's application is involved in most industries and numerous products.
Systems which require quick response, e.g., missile guiding adjustment mechanism, quick auto focus, highly sensitive recording and testing equipment, industrial robots, artificial arms and legs, etc. Ironless-rotor motor meets the technical requirements.
Systems which require stable and long lasting cranking, e.g., various easily carried apparatus or meters, outdoor portable equipment, electric car etc. While using the same amount of power supply, ironless-rotor motor may last for 100% longer in time.
Various flight equipments, including equipment used in the aeroplanes, aerospace, and aeromodelling. Since ironless-rotor motor is light, small, and energy efficient, the weight of the flight equipment will be significantly reduced.
Various public electric appliances and industrial products: Using ironless-rotor
motor as applications will make the products high-classed and lifted quality.
By making use of the benefit of high efficiency in energy exchange, it can be used as electrical generator; by utilizing the linear operating characteristics, it can also be used as speed testing generator; by adding the decelerator, it can also be used as torque motor.
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