1625 Series
16SYK2506V/D 16SYK253.6V/A
16SYK2518V/A 16SYK2512V/B
16SYK2512V/A 16SYK2504V/A
16SYK2506V/C 16SYK2509V/A
16SYK2506V/B 16SYK2506V/A
1630 Series
16SYK307.2V/A 16SYK303.6V/B
16SYK3012V/E 16SYK302.2V/A
16SYK3021V/A 16SYK3012V/D
1643 Series
16SYK4321V/C 16SYK4309V/B
16SYK4306V/G 16SYK4306V/F
16SYK4324V/A 16SYK4321V/B
2030 Series
20SYK307.2V/B 20SYK305.4V/A
20SYK3006V/I 20SYK302.2V/B
20SYK3009V/C 20SYK303.6V/C
20SYK3006V/H 20SYK3015V/A
2043 Series
20SYK4309V/D 20SYK4312V/F
2230 Series
22SYK307.2V/C 22SYK3010.5V/A
22SYK3015V/B 22SYK3009V/G
22SYK3009V/F 22SYK3006V/J
22SYK3004V/A 22SYK3024V/C
22SYK3004V/B 22SYK3024V/B
2243 Series
22SYK4348V/Z 22SYK4324V/C
22SYK4303V/A 22SYK4306V/K
22SYK43012V/H 22SYK4312V/G
2844 Series
28SYK4412V/I 28SYK4406V/L
28SYK4436V/A 28SYK4424V/D
28SYK4418V/B 28SYK4409V/H
3672 Series
36SYK7236V/B 36SYK7224V/E
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