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12x12x12mm, +0/-0.1mm
zinc plating
Magnetism direction 12mm
The is a D5 x deep3(+/-0.3mm) hole, and no hole in S pole, and there are a D5 x deep3(+/-0.3mm) hole in two sides, and there is a D5 x deep12 hole in the other two sides.

sm130x25x12 mm

130x25x12 mm, +/-0.3mm
Ferrite Y30
Magnetism direction 12mm


singing magnet

sm53x4x4 mm

53x4x4 mm, +/-0. 5mm
Ferrite Y30
Magnetism direction 4mm

sm6 x 6 (+/-0.1mm)

D6 x 6 (+/-0.1mm)
(N pole-S pole, S pole -N pole) there are two holes in each side, one is D1(+/-0.1) x 3(+0-0.5mm), the other is D2.3(+/-0.1) x 3(+0.5/-0mm)
Nickel plated
Magnetism direction 6mm


D30mm ( W28, M4 x deep 10mm)
Steel ball

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We produce magnets per custom design, if you can not find proper magnets in our stock, please email or call us directly, inform me the size what you need and the detail requirements, we will provide you proper magnets per your requirement and application. Thanks!

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